Research Institute of Multilingual Language Technologies

University of Malaga

Research Institutes are centres of excellence dedicated to scientific and technical research or artistic creation (art. 10, LOU 6/2001). In the Regulations of the Research Institutes of the University of Malaga, approved by the Governing Council on 26 February 2018 (art. 1), as well as in the Statutes of the University of Malaga (arts. 65 and 66), it is indicated that such centres may provide technical consultancy within the sphere of their competence and offer doctoral and postgraduate programmes and studies as long as their area of activity is different from that of the University’s departments or other centres.

The creation of research institutes in the Andalusian Autonomous Community is approved by the Regional Government of Andalusia (Junta de Andalucía), as stated in LOU 6/2001 (art. 10), in Law 15/2003, of 22 December (arts. 61 and 62), and the Agreement of 20 December 2005 of the Andalusian Council of Universities (BOJA, 13-06-2006). Subsequently, Centres and Research Institutes are recognised as Agents of the Andalusian Knowledge System (arts. 30 and 33) in Andalusian Law 16/2007, of 3 December, of Science and Knowledge.

The Institute

IUITLM members have a broad range of experience in various contexts of knowledge transfer (seminars, conferences, companies, patents, etc). In addition to these activities, the coordination of the work of the participating groups will increase the number of publications, prototypes and patents so that the scientific output of IUITLM can be maximised at different levels. One of the objectives of IUITLM is to offer consulting services, mediation and remote interpretation, as well as to develop linguistic software products. In addition, the IUITLM will boost R&D and innovation through scientific dissemination, since much of the research work will be directed towards the application of language technologies in research across various fields and branches of knowledge.

Universidad de Málaga Instituto Universitario de Investigación de Tecnologías Lingüísticas Multilingües